Trainings and Seminars

IMS Philippines Maritime Corp. established its own In-House training facilities equipped with TOTS Tanker Officer's Training Standard (seafarer"s evaluation and training system) to test and further enhance their acquired knowledge. For yearly training schedule please click here...

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators

In this training facility the company’s crews and officers for Deck department were trained to be familiarized and be updated with the line-up piping system of Crude Oil Carrier, Chemical, Product Tankers and LPG Carriers. Training includes operation on cargo loading and discharge including ballast operation thru the simulators.

Engine Room Simulators

For Engine Dept., crews and officers have the opportunity to update their knowledge and familiarize themselves in the engine room equipment. They practice the preparation and putting into operation the machines and system of diesel propulsion plan, electrical power plan and auxiliary system through the simulator wherein after the training the trainees could demonstrate their abilities to carry out the given task safely, effectively and rectify or trouble shoots any problem that may arise.

In-house Seminar Room

IMS Philippines Maritime Corporation is conducting a 5 day In-House training seminar to its seafarers. The objective of this program is to train them as responsible gentlemen in our society. It also includes basic computer training to update the seafarer computer skills.

A whole day Pre-Departure orientation Seminar (PDOS) for the crew; and two days one-on-one training for Junior and Senior officers of the company are given by our highly experienced and qualified instructors in preparation for their next assignment.

Cooks and Messman are also required to have five (5) days training within IMS Philippines' mess room wherein they will be doing steward duties like cooking, budgeting and reports preparation. IMS Philippines ensured that the cooks are well versed with menus applicable for any mixed crew they will be joining.