To ensure the company's competitiveness with other manning agencies in the Philippines, ISO 9001 series of 1994 "Quality Standard in Crew Management was obtained in June 2000 and reaffirmed its commitment to a quality service when the company passed the latest BVQI quality audits for a higher level of accreditation ISO 9001:2008 on February 3, 2010. Our company has complied with the MLC requirements that was audited and passed on December 12, 2012.

IMS Philippines has received citations from the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) for the year 2002 for its Sustained Effort of Continuously Promoting the Competence of Filipinos in Creating Employment Opportunities for Filipino Seafarers; and Performance and Accomplishment for Continuously Sustaining its Operating for the last 25 years without having any recruitment Violation.

The Company's partner, IINO Marine Service Co., Ltd. was the first Japanese company that shows objective evidence of the high quality of its environmentally friendly and safe management as well as the first Japanese company given the GREEN AWARD CERTIFICATE.

Further, our Filipino Seafarers was awarded on December 3, 2009 at the office of the President, by its excellency, Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The award was given to M.T. Lotus Gas seafarers for their heroism in rescuing Filipino Seaman from the ill-fated LCT Marc Jason 1 on November 25, 2008 while M.T. Chemway Lara's for their heroism in rescuing Filipino fishermen from Taiwan after the latter's boat caught fire in the vicinity of Taiwan Strait on October 3, 2008.