The List of Award for Best Practice in October - December 2023

Awards of President: Capt.Virgilio L. Avila


Painting Anchor Chain for Easy, Early, & Safe Detection of Anchor Slacking Down During Bad Weather.

During bad weather encounter by every vessel, checking & monitoring both anchor if it's slacking down & it's lashings are damaged can only be done through physically inspecting the area. This kind of long practice possess greater risk during the check & causes delays for the huge alteration of course just to safely do the check. So our vessel applied Best Practice by Painting the visible anchor chain facing the Nav. Bridge to serve as marker for easy, early, & safe detection by the Bridge Team of any anchor slacking down during bad weather encounter. During night time, the painted anchor chain are still visible by switching on the forecastle lights and Deck light when necessary for continued monitoring.
Name of Ship: M/T CHEMWAY LARA
Date: December 7, 2023

Awards of DPA: Choi Heewon


Made warning signs (Stand) to prevent the accident

When we are carrying heavy goods (spare & store) from the upper deck to the E/R by crane or rope. We have to open the skylight door of the E/R at upper deck. At this time, it is very dangerous to walk on the 3rd deck of the E/R with the skylight door open. Because something can fall from the skylight to the 3rd deck in the E/R and it can make fatal accidents. So we made two warning signs to prevent the accident and will use signs on 3rd deck.
Name of Ship: MAPLE GAS
Date: November 14, 2023

Kenny Homerson T. Gabia


How to care about AIS Pilot Plug to prevent inside wire cable damage and for caution notice.

Portable Pilot Unit (i-Master) is our company's back-up arrangement when 2 onboard ECDIS failed. This PPU comes with a Bluetooth Device called AIS Pilot Plug which is needed for getting sensor information like GPS Position, Heading, Speed, etc. from the AlS. As what I had experienced in 2 of my previous vessels, this AlS Pilot Plug Bluetooth device can easily be damaged when not handled properly. Please refer to the provided photos above.
Name of Ship: MT CREOLE SUN
Date: December 12, 2023